Port of Corpus Christi

The Energy Port of America

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With a straight, 47′ deep channel and strategic location on the western Gulf of Mexico, Port Corpus Christi provides quick access to the Gulf, the United States inland waterway system and the world beyond.

General Information

Port Corpus Christi is the fifth largest port in the United States in total tonnage. The Port provides a straight, 47’ deep channel (approved and authorized for 54 ft.) and quick access to the Gulf of Mexico and the entire United States inland waterway system. The Port delivers outstanding access to overland transportation, with on-site and direct connections to three Class I railroads, BNSF, KCS, and UP, and direct, vessel-to-rail discharge capabilities. The Nueces River Rail Yard, when complete in Q1 2017, will provide eight tracks for storage of unit trains up to 8,500 feet long.

La Quinta Trade Gateway

The La Quinta Trade Gateway Terminal is an 1,100 acre greenfield project by Port Corpus Christi. When fully developed, this facility will provide a state-of-the-art multipurpose dock and container facility. The project consists of the Federal extension of the 45’ deep La Quinta Ship Channel, a 3800’, three berth ship dock with nine ship-to-shore cranes, 180 acres of container/cargo storage, an intermodal rail yard, and over 400 acres for on-site distribution & warehouse centers.

Northside Terminal

Project Cargo, RO/RO, Breakbulk, and General Cargo
• Dockside rail or truck transfer capability
• 122,000 square feet of shipside covered storage
• RO/RO ramp handles bow or stern ramp vessels

Rail and Highway Access
The Northside docks have uncongested, direct access to Interstate Highway 37 and U.S. Highway 181. Rail service is provided by BNSF, KCS, and UP.

Greenfield sites larger than 100 acres are available for development.

Transfer Capabilities
Cargo can be loaded, unloaded and transferred directly between trucks, rail and vessels at Dock 9. Shipside tracks on Dock 9 allow direct transfers between vessels and railcars and a 48-foot wide canopy over double rail tracks allows loading of weathersensitive cargoes.

More than 30 acres of open storage area are available for marshalling, storage and fabrication. Paved yards are located adjacent to Docks 9, 10 and the RO/RO ramp. Another 20-acre paved yard is 1/2 mile west of the docks

Southside Terminal

Heavy Lift, RO/RO, Breakbulk, Containerized and General/Project Cargo
• Dock 8, the strongest open wharf on the Gulf of Mexico, capable of 1,500 lbs/sq ft. with 23 acres of directly adjacent open storage.
• Docks 14 and 15, multi-purpose facilities with 173,000 square feet of covered dockside storage.

Rail and Highway Access
The Southside docks have uncongested, direct access to Interstate Highway 37 and U.S. Highway 181. Rail service is provided by BNSF, KCS, and UP.

Transfer Capabilities
The General Cargo Terminal can transfer containers, RO/RO, heavy lift, breakbulk and project cargo between vessels, railcars, chassis and trucks. On-dock tracks allow direct transfer between vessels and railcars. Docks 8, 14 and 15 are served by double rail tracks.

More than 30 acres of open storage area are available for marshalling and storage. Additional warehouse space is located on Docks 14 and 15, adjacent to the wharf at Dock 8.

Liquid Bulk

Liquid Bulk Service
Port Corpus Christi owns and operates 14 public oil docks in the inner harbor with berths ranging from 246 feet to 1,000 feet and berth depths up to 45 feet. The largest ship docks are designed to handle 160,000 DWT tankers. Private companies operate 22 private oil docks handling a variety of petroleum and petrochemical products.

Dry Bulk
Bulk Terminal
The Bulk Terminal, docks #1 and #2 are used to discharge and/or load petroleum coke, coal, bayrite and other dry bulk commodities directly to/from vessels (including Panamax class ships), railcars and trucks. The loading belt speed at the ship loader is 1500 tons per hour and the unloading gantry crane can handle 600 tons per hour. The Bulk Terminal is serviced by the BNSF, KCS, and UP Class I railroads. Within 15 minutes and via the Joe Fulton International Trade Corridor trucks can access Interstate 37.

Grain Elevator
A Port Corpus Christi facility managed by ADM/Growmark River Systems Inc, located on the Inner Harbor. The facility is used for shipments of grain, food, and farm products, and features a high storage capacity and excellent rail and highway connections.

Project RO/RO Cargo
Quality Solutions
Port Corpus Christi offers quality solutions and superior logistics for all your shipping needs. The Joe Fulton Corridor provides direct connections to Interstate 37 and Highway 181 for ease of cargo movement. Direct connections to three Class I railroads, BNSF, KCS, and UP plus dockside rail and truck service equip our clients with options. Minimal escort requirements and short channel transit save time and costs.

Outstanding Facilities
The Port offers multiple uncongested docks and Foreign Trade Zone #122 with greater flexibility and expedited access to FTZ benefits. More than 500 acres for project development and large manufacturing sites are available. Our facilities sit adjacent to a 45’ deepwater channel and provide access to the Intracoastal Waterway system, allowing for offshore projects.

Strategic Logistics

Port Corpus Christi is the location for improved cost effectiveness and productivity, including the strongest dock available within the U.S. Gulf Ports (1500 psi). Port Corpus Christi has also been a designated, strategic military deployment port since December 1997.

• 45′ deep water port
• Transloading facilities
• Staging capabilities
• Rail service and on-dock railroad capabilities
• Convenient highway access
• State-of-the-art security department
• Covered storage
• Three Class I railroads
• Union and nonunion stevedores
• Rail Yard with eight 8,500 foot tracks


The Port Police & Security Department strive to provide the maritime commerce community with security and law enforcement services that are focused on stopping or limiting the effects of terrorism. The department provides a layered security structure that involves, among other things: extensive intelligent video analytics & surveillance, physical security barrier systems, sophisticated and interoperable radio communications systems and a TWIC- based access control system.

The Security Department has made strides in advancing security by establishing strict access control measures, conducting patrols, investigating suspicious activity and increasing awareness among employees and tenants which enhance our ability to protect property, lives, and livelihoods for the community. Our sworn law enforcement and unsworn security officers and surveillance analysts dispatchers enjoy a very strong partnership with all local, state, and federal law enforcement partners, thus affording the Port area a formidable Homeland Security support structure both on land and water.


Port Corpus Christi is committed to providing a safe and professional workplace to protect our most important assets; our employees, customers and community. We will do this by establishing and maintaining an effective safety program. Safety is and will continue to be a core value of our organization’s way of life. The responsibility for safety resides within all of us and we are each challenged to stay informed and to be accountable for our own safety and the safety of our co-workers. To ensure the success of the safety program everyone must give their full support of the safety initiatives and commit to continuous improvement. This philosophy is shared by our top management and constantly communicated to our employees. Safety briefings are now offered at the beginning of each business and Commission meeting. Additionally, every employee has the right and responsibility to utilize our Stop Work Authority if unsafe conditions or behaviors are perceived, observed, or established and may do so without any fear of reprisal or repercussions. Effective communication about our safety program and employee expectations is important to maintaining an effective safety culture. To further the communications, the Port is utilizing employees and their family members in the new safety poster campaign to ensure that employees are intimately involved and engaged in promoting our safety program. Our safety program will continue to evolve and improve as best safety practices are shared among all our employees with the constant goal of achieving safe and incident-free work environments.


Port Corpus Christi is an Environmental Leader in our community. Our ISO 14001 certified and award winning Environmental Management System helps us continually improve on our commitments for compliance and pollution prevention. Port Corpus Christi has been ISO 14001 certified since July 21, 2007, and will be certified to the revised standard in 2016. A recently revised environmental policy identified 5 key precepts that are considered when evaluating new developments and operations which are: air quality, water quality, soils and sediments, wildlife habitat, and environmental sustainability. Port Corpus Christi environmental stewardship efforts focus on improvements and pro-active measures related to these precepts. The Environmental Management System has allowed Port Corpus Christi to establish voluntary programs that include proactive measures to maintain attainment of our air quality, and conservation programs for reducing electrical consumption and water consumption. Port Corpus Christi adopted requirements that all Stevedores working in the Port area must have an Environmental Management System in place for their operations by January 1, 2017. This will assure cargo movement can occur efficiently and in a manner that best protects the environment.